Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Augmented Reality brings you to a world where a printed image is capable of coming to life in the form of video, audio, 3D view animations, social media connectivity and much more.

The technology is not only dynamic and capable but a powerful medium to deliver the message you want to deliver via print ads. Exclusive videos, 3D models, 3D models with buttons for added interactivity, 3D models with animations, AR GPS locators with information on demand, etc. can all be triggered on simply hovering over your smartphone or tab on the brochure, newspaper ad or magazine ad of your brand. The technology has been implemented in industries like Automobile, Construction, Print media, E-commerce, Entertainment, Gaming, Tourism as well as for Interpol Germany, Fraunhoffer Institute Europe, to name a few.

Snap2life Augmented Reality can be used as it is or integrated to your existing app or used to create a fresh new customized app for your brand. Augmented Reality can be extended and used on your PC or laptop and taking it further, it can be used at a mass level for promotions at public places like malls, airports, exhibitions, etc.

PC based Augmented Reality

PC based Augmented Reality can function as a standalone application or via a website. This technology takes the AR experience for the individual user to a new level of engagement, adds more flair to a product and supports a brands reputation for innovation.

PC based AR aims to make your website even more dynamic and informative by letting users try on the product in real time. Applicable across all industry sectors, PC based AR is especially useful for clothing and fashion as it allows people to try merchandise and accessories virtually.

Mass Augmented Reality

Mass Augmented Reality is a seamless blend of the virtual world with the real world. This technology functions as an effective promotional cum educational tool, by providing a stimulating and immersive experience to a mass audience concurrently.

Mass Augmented Reality enables your brand to create a stunning visual experience that will leave viewers overwhelmed. A staggering platform to deliver your brand message and create a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. The technology can be used engage and entertain viewers with your brand thereby taking the interactivity level to a new high.