“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Now, the same picture will show us a whole new informative, entertaining and engaging world of exclusive and rich content related to the picture or video.

"snap2life®" is an advanced mobile based IR system for detection and identification of images which can be advertisements, posters or pictorial content of any kind. The system is based on the well-developed Gryphos ® Image Match solution made by Prisma Global Limited. The designs are first stored in a reference database. With a mobile device, such as e.g. a smartphone, a motif (image) is recognized by the camera function and finds a match with an underlying motif, the associated multimedia viewing content is then displayed on the mobile device.

The product snap2life® consists of three basic components:

  • Mobile smartphone to access the app on Android and Apple iOS platforms.
  • Central server that controls the reference database, the scene recognition method and the inquiry process and the communication to the mobile clients (apps).
  • Reporting System for evaluating the snap counts, times, transaction data, etc.

Snap2life welcomes you to a world where a printed image or video is capable of coming to life in the form of web links, audio, 3D view animations, social media connectivity, videos and much more.

Snap2life combines the printed world to the Web by creating a direct link between a subject and its associated online content.

Whether in snap2life® or a customized branded app on the snap2life® platform or an API in your existing app, Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality has redefined printed images and static videos.

Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality are an astonishing improvement over QR codes. No need of cluttering your print ads and key visuals. Try It Out!

2 Finger Snap

‘2 Finger Snap’ is an innovative functionality available only in snap2life.

It enables an easy & quick selection of the printed content specially thought of for billboards, banners, etc.

This globally patented functionality of Prisma Global Limited, making snap2life® most suited for implementing this technology for Billboards, etc.

The ‘2 Finger Snap’ function serves as an effective solution when the printed image is at a distance billboards, banners, etc. and enables quick selection of the desired print or video content.