PHE+ is a unified platform that helps the patient by getting authentic, appropriate, and at the right time to access healthcare from anywhere and any part of the world connecting with professional doctors. It is an app that not only helps in finding doctors, booking doctor’s appointments, scheduling diagnostic tests, or ordering medicines online, PHE+ helps you find online medical services & solutions to enable you to take better care of your health.

PHE+ helps in finding the right doctors, view doctor’s feedback, compare & book doctor appointments through the app. It helps in finding specialists from dermatologists to oncologists & renowned surgeons using the app. It also helps buy medicines online, with speedy medicines delivered at your doorstep. This app lets one find doctors from nearby clinics to renowned hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Cloud nine & more. One can schedule their health checkups with well-known NABL accredited diagnostic labs & centers at the comfort of home.

This app also allows to access medical health records anytime & anywhere in the E vault and also one can see the prescription generated by the doctor. Using PHE+   provides four assurances to the patient like predictable waiting time, fixed consultation fees, accurate practice location, and consultation with preferred doctors for an extraordinary visit experience. This app is also beneficial to the doctors as they can view and manage the appointment requests. He/she can add their clinic, add flexible timings and fee structure to their profile. He/she can generate the prescriptions, invoice, price and upload them in his/her E vault.

snap2life’s PHE is basically designed for healthcare providers to gather, stockpile, recover and exchange patient’s healthcare information more effortlessly. By improving healthcare management, hospitals can improve their financial achievement by building up reputation, brand, customer trust, and regulating services through referrals to family and friends.